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Building Your Online Business

Building your online business is a group of articles that help people start, grow, build or enhance their business over time. 

Creating an online business is not easy. It takes all of the skills and strategies that the off line business requires, however the marketing and logistics of the online business is quite different from the off line business. Consider these topics:

  • Creating your online business
  • Coaching - Business Coach - Life Coach - Leadership Coaching
  • Business Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Training - Online Training - Sales Training - Marketing Training
  • SEO Creation and Management
  • Social Media and Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Social Media - Facebook Advertising
  • Google Adwords - Bing and Yahoo
  • Google + Social Media
  • Book Publishing and Advertising
  • Photography
  • Image Creation - Image Management - Image Promotion
  • Video - Videography - Video Production - Audio
  • Website Design - Website Development
  • Freelance Developers
  • Website Registration - Website Hosting
  • email - email management - secure email - email accounts - email services
  • Copywriting - Lead Pages - Sales Pages - Auto Responders - Nurture Sequences
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Podcast - Webinar - Webex
  • Television Interviews

A great set of information for the young business or the growing and expanding business. Select the article that you need to get your business working well. Also you can go to Facebook's A Virtual Marketplace to communicate with me or any of the others that have joined.  


The 2015 Guide to Facebook Engagement Part 2 - 12 Suggestions to Improve Your Posts & Boost Engagement

by Amy Porterfield on

A post with no commentary feels like sending a greeting card without writing anything in it. If you’re posting photos, status updates, longer columns, and getting no feedback, it’s probably because it doesn’t feel personal to your fans. Read more ...... Read full article

The 2015 Guide to Facebook Engagement - Part 1

by Amy Porterfield on

Facebook changes rapidly. It’s changing all the time. Just a few years ago, Facebook engagement looked very different. And maybe you’ve started to feel frustrated by the changes, or have just given up keeping track of them.Read more to understand ..... Read full article

Introduction to Business


You start to write a book and it hits you. What do I know? What can I share with others that will positively impact their success? What have I learned over the years? Who really cares? Read on and you will get some clear advice.... Read full article

Lead Pages Article on the use of Facebook - Tips

by LeadPages on

LeadPages - To give you the short version, here are the top 10 Facebook marketing tips we’ve learned from running successful Facebook advertising campaigns over the past 2 years. Read more ... ... Read full article

Coaching - Business Coach - Executive Coach - Leadership Coach


Your new business or growing your existing business, there are many issues that you need to face. Desire, knowledge, support, advise, groups - all are important - but you still need to know how to approach, build and grow your business - Coaching ...... Read full article