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The LeadPages™ Platform Includes 3 Tools:


LeadPages™ is the most effective and best priced landing page product on the market. 

Turn your next idea into a published landing page in less than five minutes with LeadPages™. We have engineered the simplest landing page builder in the industry, so you can create, edit and deploy your next high-converting page without touching a single line of code. Our 100% mobile responsive landing pages also work effortlessly on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, so you can ensure that everyone can navigate through your landing pages.

  • The Internet’s Most Intuitive Landing Page Builder.
  • Tailor your LeadPages™ or LeadBoxes® to Fit Your Needs
  • Point and Click Simplicity
  • Customize Copy, Colors, Images and More
  • Extensive Font Collection to Match Your Site
  • Turn Any Page into an Optin, Sales or Webinar Page
  • Easily Integrate with Email Service Providers
  • Publish Landing Pages in Minutes


A LeadBox™ is a pop-up window that appears when your potential subscribers click on a designated link, image, button or text. LeadBoxes® can also be set to appear after a designated amount of time or when a visitor is about to leave your site. To see exactly what a LeadBox™ looks like, click here. We also highly encourage you to click on the button below for a live demonstration of LeadBoxes®.


LeadLinks™ allows subscribers to join your list, sublist or subscribe to a webinar with a single click. Simply copy and paste a LeadLink™ into any broadcast email from you (or one of your affiliate partners) and subscribers can instantly register for your lists, sublists or webinars by only clicking this LeadLink™ — no need to opt-in or give additional information. This makes it easier than ever before for subscribers to join your list, and boost your conversion rates.

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Split Testing

Extremely simple Split Testing put your LeadPages™ or LeadBoxes® to the test .Whether you’re tweaking your headline or trying out a new design, split testing is the fastest way to find out what works for your audience. With our built-in split testing tool, you can start split testing any variables on your landing pages in minutes, with just five simple steps. Built-in Conversion Stats and Analytics Easily Track How Your LeadPages™, LeadBoxes® and LeadLinks™ are performing. With our built-in analytics, you can find out in seconds how LeadPages™, LeadBoxes® and LeadLink™ are performing. At a glance, you can see your conversion rates, unique visitors and graphical analysis of how your marketing assets are trending over time.

email Integration

We integrate with more email marketing platforms than any competing service. Integrate landing pages with your email marketing platform in just a few clicks.

  • Aweber,
  • InfusionSoft, 
  • Mad Mimi, 
  • GetResponse,
  • 360 HubSpot, 
  • ConstantContact, 
  • Interspire, 
  • SendReach, 
  • Office Autopilot, 
  • iContact, 
  • ActiveCampaign, 
  • 1ShoppingCart, 
  • GetResponse, 
  • MailChimp, 
  • GoToWebinar, 
  • SalesForce .

Sort landing pages by conversion rate to find the best-performing pages inside LeadPages.™

Enable one-click Facebook registration to capture your users’ best email addresses.

Pre-populate landing page fields to make it even easier for users to join your list. Deliver lead magnets directly from inside LeadPages™ with a few clicks.

Get Google’s fastest, most reliable hosting to boost your conversions even further.

Use LeadPages™ sub accounts to manage multiple accounts for businesses and clients.

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Services Sales - Support No

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Image - Creation - Management Yes

Branding - Marketing Yes

Communication - Webinar - eMail - Video Yes

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Concerns and Issues I help with Internet Marketing

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Product / Service Overview Here are a list of the many features provided by LeadPages Complete Hosting of Pages Our lightning-fast servers can easily host any landing page you create. Simply customize your first page, deploy it on our LeadPages™ server and start building your email list within minutes. Digital Asset Delivery Made Easy Giving away free content is the fastest way to grow your audience and build your email list. Now LeadPages™ makes giving away free content “bribes” easier than ever. With our simple templates, you can create opt-in pages that instantly send your subscribers free content bribes (or “lead magnets”) when they opt-in for your email list. Unlike other software, you can give away as many different content bribes as you want on multiple opt-in pages and still drive your new subscribers to the same email list. You can also link your email service provider into LeadPages™, and send your new email subscribers confirmation emails, welcome messages or other communications once they receive your free content bribe. Redirect Your Web Traffic in a Few Clicks Not all landing pages should last forever. Sometimes an offer expires. Sometimes the live webinar on your “webinar registration page” happened weeks ago. But that does not mean web traffic stops visiting these outdated pages. Now with LeadPages™, you can redirect all that obsolete web traffic to more valuable pages on your site, with just a few clicks. Get Paid to Use LeadPages™ with Global Settings As a pro customer, you are eligible to become a LeadPages™ affiliate and collect commissions every time you send a new LeadPages™ customer our way. Referring customers is easy. Simply check “yes” in the global settings feature and we’ll display a note on your landing pages that says: “powered by leadpages.net” along with your unique affiliate link. If a new customer clicks on your affiliate link and purchases LeadPages™, you get paid. Simple as that. Borrow Our Customers “Best Of” Templates for More Flexibility Every day we get emails from LeadPages™ customers who have designed or discovered new, high-converting pages that they want to test against our proven pages. Frankly, we love it. It’s the perfect opportunity to put our pages to the test. Also, we regularly select the best of these customer templates and share these uploads with you. This gives you more choices and more flexibility. It also ensures that we’re constantly giving you the highest converting pages in existence today. (And if you think you have a template that can beat ours, we dare you to submit it!) A First in the Industry: Sort Landing Pages By Conversion Rate This is the biggest feature in the history of LeadPages™, and it’s a first in the industry. Inside the LeadPages™ customer platform, you can sort through all the landing page templates not just by name, but by their opt-in rate. This will instantly show you the highest converting templates ranked first to last. By sorting by opt-in rate, you can easily see the highest-converting landing pages in existence today (either for all templates or by category). This is something that no other landing page platform or conversion rate optimization tool does. Easily Duplicate Your Landing Pages When you find templates that work for your business, you will want to reuse them for other marketing campaigns, or create similar pages for A/B split testing. LeadPages™ makes this easy with a quick “duplicate” feature in your account. Instantly copy any existing landing page in seconds with a single click. Get More Sales with Your 404 Error Pages On any other site, a 404 error page would be notoriously bad for your business. When potential customers see 404 error messages, they often leave your site immediately. This means you miss out on sales. But with LeadPages™, you can make any 404 error pages the highest-converting pages on your site. With this exclusive feature, you can turn these once useless 404 error pages into opt-in pages for your list. Rather than seeing an error message, your customers will be able to opt-in for the information they’re searching for. This engages your audience and stops future customers from leaving your site. It also turns these missed opportunities into potential sales. Quick, Easy Upgrades with Page Regeneration This is landing page version of an “instant upgrade.” Each time we release a new high-converting template, you have the option to upgrade your existing templates in your account to our new just-released templates. With just a few clicks, you’ll be using the latest and greatest templates in our platform – without losing a single piece of published data from your original landing pages. Stay Organized with Grouping and Labeling Options Every template you create in LeadPages™ is stored inside your personal account, so you can easily find and reference them. Once inside your account, you can organize your templates further using our custom grouping and labeling options to sort through your templates faster. You can even color-code your templates using our built-in coding system. Access Your Templates in Seconds Using Our Bookmarklets Our co-founder, Clay Collins, personally asked our developers to create Bookmarklets. He calls it “one of his pet features.” This favorite feature allows you to bookmark any landing page template in LeadPages™, so you can easily access this page later with a single click. Once your template is bookmarked, you can pull it up and start editing within seconds. This drastically reduces the number of clicks – and time – it takes to edit your pages. Triple or Quadruple Your Opt-in Rates with Welcome Gate “Welcome Gate” is a specific kind of opt-in page that’s been known to dramatically increase opt-in rates. Unlike a pop-up, your customers will only see a Welcome Gate opt-in page when they visit your homepage (not your blog, videos or any other page). Also, Welcome Gate opt-in pages only appear once a year for each of your customers – so you will never annoy your audience with repeated requests to opt-in for your list. At LeadPages™, we have created a simple but powerful WordPress plug-in that allows you to use Welcome Gate to boost your own opt-ins. Our users have told us simply adding this Welcome Gate plug-in to their site has tripled or quadrupled their opt-in rates. (Many of our customers are seeing even higher results!) Create and Deploy Landing Pages in Minutes Turn your idea into a published landing page in less than five minutes. With just a few clicks, you can instantly publish landing pages on our platform, on your own server, your WordPress site or even Facebook page – without touching a single line of code. Over 70+ Different Landing Page Templates Choose from over 70+ easy-to-customize templates to quickly and easily generate high-converting landing pages. That includes proven landing page templates for sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages, thank you pages and more. (And we’re always testing and adding new templates for you.) Simple, Fast WordPress Integration If you already have a WordPress site, you are just one plug-in away from using our landing page templates. Our easy-to-use LeadPages™ plug-in allows you to customize one of our proven landing pages and post it to your WordPress site in a matter of minutes. Do Everything Without Touching A Line Of Code Customize, duplicate, redirect and deploy whole landing pages without touching a single line of code. Modify template copy. Use different fonts in your templates. Add different images. Change template colors to match your website. Integrate your email marketing service provider with your templates. Deploy your new LeadPages™ templates on your WordPress site, on your server, or Facebook, all without writing or editing a line of code. The Fastest Pages (& Landing Page Platform) In The Industry Fact: Every one-second delay in page response can lower your conversions by 7%. Added up over time, even one-second delays like this can seriously damage your sales and conversions. That’s why we have engineered the LeadPages™ platform to be the fastest in the industry. Our developers write and optimize every line of our code by hand to ensure you get the maximum speed and functionality. Each of our pages also has to pass rigorous inspections including speed-testing with Google’s PageSpeed to make sure they load instantly. Once hosted, our lightning-fast servers can accommodate even your largest marketing campaigns without a second’s delay. 100% Mobile-Friendly Templates It doesn’t matter whether you host your landing pages on our server, on your own server, on WordPress or on Facebook, all our landing page templates are designed for mobile devices. There’s no set-up required, so you never have to change a thing. Use an Unlimited Number of Domains Use your LeadPages™ account to create landing pages for an unlimited number of domain names for yourself, your business and your clients. You can also use our templates in any language you choose. Built in SEO options/SEO friendly pages We built LeadPages™ from the ground-up with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Each of our proven templates is engineered to give you the highest possible SEO rankings. Plus, we offer exclusive SEO friendly templates to push your blog pages, podcasts and YouTube videos even higher in search engine rankings. We also designed our platform to load your landing pages as fast as possible. This built-in speed instantly pushes your pages higher in search engines. Ideally, this will help you “out-rank” your competitors and drive more potential customers to your site. Collect Your Subscribers’ Personal Data with Custom Fields Our customers asked for this feature, and we listened. Now with just a few clicks, you can easily collect your subscribers’ first names, numbers, addresses or other information when they opt-in for your email list. LeadPages™ allows you to quickly and easily add these custom fields to any opt-in form in seconds. Boost Your Opt-in Rates with Two-Step Opt-ins A “two-step opt-in process” asks your subscribers to take two actions before they opt-in for your email list. For example, a two-step opt-in process could ask subscribers to fill out a survey first, before opting-in for your list. We have personally proven that a two-step opt-in process like this can boost opt-in rates by over 60%. At LeadPages™ you can easily use a two-step opt-in process to build your own email list on any opt-in template we currently offer. Create Your Own Templates – If That’s Your Thing If you’re a web designer or developer, you can use our LeadPages™ guide to build your own landing page templates to use for your business. You can even submit your newly designed templates for us to test against our templates. (If your template beats ours in an A/B split test, we’ll share it with your fellow users, and name this winning template after you!) Turn Browsers into Customers with Our Conversion-Based Designs Every LeadPages™ template is designed to convert your casual web browsers into your next loyal customers and raving fans. We constantly test all our template designs to ensure that we’re providing you the most cutting-edge, highest-converting templates in existence today. Simply put, we constantly work to give you profitable landing pages that will pay for your LeadPages™ subscription fee many times over. Boost Your Opt-in Rates by Pre-populating Landing Page Fields This has been called the “coolest sneaky but ethical landing page trick.” It involves automatically filling in (or “pre-populating”) your subscribers’ personal data in your opt-in box. The result? Your subscriber sees his first name and email address already filled in your opt-in box, so he simply has to click the “okay” button to opt-in. This makes it much easier for subscribers to opt-in to your list. Fact: This “cool trick” works. Countless bloggers, landing page sites and our own A/B testing has proven this dramatically increases your opt-in rates. With this in mind, we added another exclusive feature to LeadPages™ to pre-populate your landing page fields. By integrating your email service provider into LeadPages™, you can automatically pre-populate your users’ email addresses into any landing page opt-in form – in less than five minutes. Countdown Timers, Buy Buttons and More Dynamic Elements To design the highest-converting templates, we are constantly building and testing the latest dynamic elements for your pages. Now with just a few clicks, you can inspire your subscribers to take action fast with marketing tools like a countdown timer or “buy now” button. As always, you don’t have to touch a line of code to add these proven marketing tools to your pages. Build Your List with Exit Pop-Ups When used correctly, pop-ups can be an extremely effective strategy to build your email list. Exit pop-ups are particularly useful because they only appear when your visitors try to exit your landing pages. This gives you one last chance to capture your visitors’ email addresses before they leave your site. All LeadPages™ templates let you customize and deploy professional-looking, well-designed exit pop-ups for each of your pages – with just a few clicks. 100% Facebook Page Compatible Every single LeadPages™ template we offer is 100% compatible with Facebook. It only takes four clicks – and less than 10 seconds – to post a new landing page on Facebook and start building your list. (With over 1 billion users now on Facebook, it’s easier than ever to use Facebook LeadPages™ to grow your audience.) Make Facebook Tabs More Mobile-Friendly Facebook tab pages are notoriously hard to view on your customers’ mobile devices. To correct this issue, you can now use LeadPages™ redirects feature to redirect all this mobile traffic to easier-to-view standard pages. (Our Facebook users asked for this redirect feature, and we listened!) Integrated With All Major Email Service Providers We offer integration with more email service providers than anyone else in the industry. It doesn’t matter whether you use AWeber, Infusionsoft, OfficeAutopilot, MailChimp, GoToWebinar, or 1ShoppingCart, you can easily integrate all these major email service providers with all our LeadPages™ templates. (That includes several email service providers not listed here.) Once integrated, you can connect your landing pages to opt-in forms, email campaigns, webinar registration, follow-up sequences, or whole funnels through your email service provider. Even better, you can sync up any landing page with your email service provider or autoresponder with just a few clicks on a template. This means you never have to touch a single line of code – either in LeadPages™ or in your email service provider to set this up. Turn Any Page into a Webinar Registration Page Connect your LeadPages™ templates directly to your GoToWebinar account. This lets you turn any page into a registration page for your upcoming webinar. You can even set up your opt-in pages so your new subscribers join both your email list and your GoToWebinar list when they opt-in – so your subscribers never have to opt-in twice. Built In Split Testing This is the one feature that every LeadPages™ customer should be using. For years, we ran internal A/B split tests to ensure we offered the highest converting templates of anyone. Now we have built a simple but powerful split-testing tool so you can easily run A/B split-tests for your business. (In fact, this is the easiest-to-use split-testing tool that we have ever seen.) To create this simple tool, we integrated our landing page builder with a traditional split-testing application. This allows you to run A/B split tests through LeadPages™ with one login and one system. That makes it easier than ever to test different aspects of your pages to discover the highest-converting pages for your business. Easy to View Conversion Rate Stats and Analytics Analytics are now built right into LeadPages™, to make it easier for you to track how your landing pages are performing. With a glance, you can instantly see conversion rates, opt-in rates and unique views for your existing pages. For any pages you create from now on, you will also be able to track historical data for these pages. We also offer graphical analysis of your conversion rates and other data so you can easily watch trends for your pages.

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